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6 facts about varicose veins

How much do you know about varicose veins?

There are many myths about varicose veins. We hope these facts will help you make informed decisions about treatment.

1  Varicose veins are caused by a number of factors – and not the ones you may think

2  Varicose veins can happen to anyone, at any age

3  Closing off damaged veins does not lead to problems later in life

4  Varicose veins can be more than unsightly, they can also be a sign of health problems.

5  Your insurance may cover varicose vein treatment

6  Experts at The Delaware Vein Center are here to help!


The Delaware Vein Center is here to help overcome varicose vein problems

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Meet Dr. Henry Childers, IV, MD, FAAO

Dr. Henry Childers is a board certified cardio-thoracic surgeon with nearly two decades of experience in vein disease and vein treatment. Because of his past surgical experience, Dr. Childers is intimately familiar with the saphenous vein — the vein most likely to be involved in your vein treatment procedure. Learn more about The Delaware Vein Center.