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Weight gain can damage the valves inside the veins in your legs and keeps them from functioning properly.

In turn the symptoms from varicose veins keep many people from exercising due to the pain, leading to further weight gain. This vicious cycle can only be ended with treatment.

When exercising, your calf muscles act as a pump for your leg veins.

When exercising, your calf muscles act as a pump for your leg veins.

When healthy, our veins carry blood back to the heart for purification. When damaged, they’re unable to prevent blood from leaking and traveling backwards down the leg veins, leading to blood collecting in the veins. Veins become swollen and enlarged, and that extra pressure makes them even more prone to leaking. Symptoms of varicose veins include aching, cramping, fatigue, restlessness, itching, swelling, and feelings of tiredness and heaviness in the legs.

But proper treatment of varicose veins helps eliminate the pain and other symptoms so you can gain mobility and increase health. Non-invasive treatments that eliminate unhealthy veins allow you to return to a more active lifestyle. This will promote weight loss and increase your health overall.

And any type of exercise that strengthens the “second heart” – the muscles of the calf and foot – is beneficial. Suggested activities include walking, running, swimming and bicycling.

The Delaware Vein Center specializes in the treatment of venous disorders. Our full-service vein treatment facility is geared to serving our patients—all testing and procedures are done on premise, ensuring that patient safety and comfort is our first priority. Our non-invasive vein treatments can help you achieve maximum health and cosmetic results.

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Meet Dr. Henry Childers, IV, MD, FAAO

Dr. Henry Childers is a board certified cardio-thoracic surgeon with nearly two decades of experience in vein disease and vein treatment. Because of his past surgical experience, Dr. Childers is intimately familiar with the saphenous vein — the vein most likely to be involved in your vein treatment procedure. Learn more about The Delaware Vein Center.